The Vyink Story

The Brand!

VYink….away your worries 😉
Life is messy, so what….you are still young & you can make it sassy !

VYink brings to you colorful, trendy and fun fashion accessories from bags to stoles to a complete lifestyle line – a full expression of you as you want to be.
Love It, Live It, Flaunt It .

Ethics & Sustainability​

VYink invites to support global environmental causes. We know that social responsibility, sustainable living and global connection matters to all of us.

Our brand is a message that are committed to 


  • Use environmentally friendly materials
  • Create Minimal waste
  • Support local artists and makers
  • Offer enhanced utility and durability
  • At delightful pricing

VYink is our invitation to you to celebrate your youthful exuberance, spread awareness and enjoy life as it comes. 

You matter, your viewpoint matters, wear us with style.

The Designer

At the heart of our brands is the audacity of its designer, Veerashree Chitale. She is a fiery Aries who believes that each of us is uniquely designed and what we wear is a reflection of who we are and how we feel. An Eternal stylist for women in her family, she created VYINK to be with you on your journey of self-expression.

Vyink is based on the premise that for today’s global millennial, style matters. Vyink is a fashion accessories brand for all who want to feel “bold and beautiful” from the inside out!

 Our designs are global in style and appeal, but our creativity stems from the cultural, social and practical aspirations of young India. We want to bring to you colorful, trendy and fun fashion accessories from bags to stoles to a complete jewelry line to become your “one stop” style shop.

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